Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bring Witold Pilecki to Holocaust Museums

Information from the "Bring Witold Pilecki to Holocaust Museums" site on Facebook.

Rotamaster Witold Pilecki (1901-1948) was the only one person in history who volunteered to be imprisoned in Nazi German concentration camp. Pilecki was a founder of prisoners underground organization in KL Auschwitz - Union of Military Organizations (Związek Organizacji Wojskowej, ZOW). After World War 2, Pilecki has been murdered by the communists in Stalin’s occupied Poland.

Since January 2008, Polish NGO - Paradis Judaeorum Foundation (Fundacja Paradis Judaeorum) runs civic campaign “Let’s Reminisce About Witold Pilecki” (“Przypomnijmy o Rotmistrzu”). One of its goals is to introduce to the public worldwide an outstanding testiomony about Auschwitz and the Holocaust, so called: “Witold’s Report”.

In August 30th 2010 Polish NGO – Paradis Judaeorum Foundation sent a registered letter to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council in Washington D.C., asking to reminisce about Witold Pilecki in the Holocaust Museums, which does not ( ! ) mention about Pilecki at all.

More than a year passed by, and there was no answer.. Pilecki’s deeds are still being concealed by the US Holocaust Museums.

Let’s support request of the Paradis Judaeorum Foundation to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, concerning Witold Pilecki!

Let’s encourage important institutions around the world to teach the truth about tragic history of those who strived to stop the Holocaust in the very beginning, in the very core of Auschwitz hell on earth!

Let’s Reminisce About Witold Pilecki! We must give testimony..

1) “Witold’s Report” in English:

2) Letter of the Paradis Judaeorum Foundation to US Holocaust Memorial Council

3) Postcard of the “Let’s Reminisce About Witold Pilecki” civic campaign

4) Text “Volunteer for Auschwitz” in The Catholic Messenger

5) Polish “Let’s Reminisce About Witold Pilecki” (“Przypomnijmy o Rotmistrzu”) initiative Facebook profile.

See also: declaration of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum concerning official answer for the Paradis Judaeorum Foundation's letter from August 30th 2010:


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